A sustainable collection

All our plants have been awarded Gold or Silver ratings by LWG (Leather Working Group), a multi-disciplinary group, supported by the BLC Leather Technology Centre and integrated by the major footwear brands and tanneries in the world, whose objective is to develop and maintain an audit protocol with extremely rigorous standards to ensure the environmental performance of tanneries. 

We think green


· Using 60% less water than average tanneries (LWG)

· 50% of the water is recycled

· Rain water used for processes


· Spending 60% less energy than average tanneries (LWG)

· Led and natural lighting

· Photovoltaic solar panels for electricity generation

· Thermal solar panels for water heating

· Usage of biomass

· Gas emissions reduced


· Exclusive use of non-RSL substances

· Responsible finishing: dyes and treatments respecting the strictest international standards


· Generating 75% less waste than average tanneries (LWG)

· Zero discharge of hazardous effluents (ZDHC)

· Waste used to make compost

· Wet blue shavings transformed into organic fertilizer


· 100% of skins can be traced up to the point of origin

· Animal welfare policy

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